PEMF Technology Mat

The Pulsating Electromagnetic Field Technology Mat used and sold here at Art of New Living is the same technology as seen on the Dr Oz Show.

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Inspired by Nature… Intelligent Wellness…

The Natural PEMF-MRS2000/IMRS

iMRS (The Mat)…Leading technology for improving well-being with pulsating electromagnetic fields (PEMF) to maximize your mental clarity, focus and productivity. Completely oxygenates all of your cells in 8 minutes. Experience stress relief, improved mobility, increased energy, vitality and strength, when using the iMRS (the Mat.) Optimize physical and psychological balance, improve circulation and immune function. Activates cellular metabolism and repair, aids in relaxation and restoration to provide optimal overall vitality!

Fact: The Basic Elements of Nature: Water, Oxygen, Light, Gravity, Electromagnetism. Electromagnetism- The unknown “Field” of the Earth…“Ionosphere” Schumann Resonances. Carrier frequencies of Ionosphere- 7.83 Hz * Planet Earth- 11.75-11.79 Hz * Mobile Phone- 900-1800 Mega Hz… (1 Mega Hz = 1 Million Hz)

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