Pama Vencill

Pama Vencill

Pama offers services and products that DStress, Rejuvenate and assist in

Healthier Happier Living!

Pama has over 30 years of experience and study in the mind, body and spiritual arena. She has had great success working with individuals and groups across the United States. She recognizes that each person has individual needs and desires, and has an uncanny talent for customizing a program specifically designed to complement their uniqueness.
Pama educates that thoughts, words, and attitudes have power and how to use that power to begin to live your life on your own terms, reinstating your personal power, vitality and true nature.
She educates that symptoms are signs that something needs to change…mentally, physically, or environmentally. Stress, depression, weight gain/loss, allergies, low energy, headaches, high blood pressure, etc… are all signs. The fact is…symptoms are clues!
Pama offers powerful rejuvenation and stress reduction tools with the best side effect…Better Living! She enjoys her work as a life and wellness guide.

Pama offers programs, ‘What are your Five’; ’28 days to Change Your Ways’. She is a Life and Well-Being Guide, Resonating Connection Touch, MRS2000/IMRS, and Trinfinity8 Practitioner, Silva Method Instructor, Attitudinal Healing Instructor and Ordained Minister. Pama writes Self-Programming statements for individuals and writes company/business goal statements for businesses. She has published on Kindle with much more to come!

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