Learn how to be YOUR own coach or advisor. Discover how to tune in to what is in your best interest and the best interest of others, along with getting more of what you want! Realizing that happiness is an inside task, it is important to build the thoughts and visions into consciousness and create the life you deserve.
Over 80% of all health issues are caused by stress according to the AMA and even a higher percentage has been linked to trapped negative emotions. Trapped emotions can cause additional stress, illness, pain, depression, lack of interest for life, negative behavior, self-sabotage and many more symptoms. Learn how to release and balance negative emotions you may be holding on to and don’t even know it. Pama uses a natural holistic approach to healthier living with great results!
LIIVE is Pama's trademarked program for better living. Pama has combined wisdom of the ages and tenets from some of the most influential leaders and teachers, blending into a philosophy that gives you the way to greater fulfillment, empowerment and mastery in every area of your life.

Staying focused on our thoughts, attitudes and intentions allows us to co-create and manifest prosperity in every area of our life.

Art of New Living