Consciousness Training…

Certified Emotional Wellness Practitioner and
Consciousness Educator

Pama has over 30 years of experience and study in the mind, body and spiritual arena. She has had great success working with individuals, groups and small business owners across the United States. She recognizes that each person is unique and has an uncanny talent for customizing a program specifically designed to complement their needs, desires and goals.

When working with people, Pama explains how thoughts, words and attitude are essential in building a desired life. She created the program TWology, (the study of laws and secret power relating to thought and word usage.)

Pama educates about Stress related symptoms. Symptoms are signs that something needs to change mentally, physically or environmentally. Unhappiness, depression, weight gain/loss, low energy, headaches, high blood pressure, etc…are all signs of Stress. Symptoms are clues!

Pama is the creator of:

Pama Vencill

Pama Vencill

The Consciousness Expansion Way/The 3D’s, DStress, DTox, DClutter/PAT, Peaceful Attunement Technique/Belief & Attitude Awareness/TWology ebook/Art of Suggestion in Practice ebook, and more!

Pama is a Certified Professional Life Guide/Coach. She facilitates classes & workshops on Stress Management, TWology, 3D’s, and PAT. Pama teaches The Consciousness Expansion Way and Finding Your Inner Rhythm with Dr. Linda Quinn/Optimal Living Education.

Pama wrote Belief and Attitude Awareness and teaches with other qualified facilitators. Trainer for The Silva Method, Attitudinal Healing and Licensed by The Leadership School of Ministry.  She is also a Trinfinity8 and MRS2000/IMRS Practitioner. Pama teaches and promotes programs that guide you to Less Stress and Healthier, Happier living!

Tune Up to Tune In…Mentally, Physically & Spiritually


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